Saturday, 19 June 2010

Over and over again

Keep walking and do not look back-
He rises up just like a phoenix.
Do not envolve yourself,stay back-
It's like the madness of the linux.

Prepare yourself for what may come,
I long for things that shall become
As precious as the bitter smell,
But things will never get so well.

Undress,get naked with a mask-
A disappointment into sky-
The answer to the things you ask,
I claimed the question into lie.

A hurt-such a lovely memento,
Reminds me of a time that passed-
The time he used to hurt me so,
The hurt that wouldn't want to last.

Distinctive name,distinctive face,
But such an ordinary thought-
But otherwise,in any case,
The feelings immediately cut.

Embrace myself,my mind has blown,
The things that will remain unknown...
The only thing I can undo
It's in the things I never knew.

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